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11 Brands • $550mm Revenue • Luxury Travel & Lifestyle 

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Founder & CEO

  • 430+ Employees
  • $550m Annual Revenue
  • 11 Profitable Brands

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Serial Entrepreneur

  • INC 500 #1 in Travel
  • Crains Fast 50
  • Hire Power Award
  • Smart CEO #1
  • Under 30 CEO

Motivational Public Speaker

ADHD, eccentric, heartwarming & hilarious, and no speech ends without a standing ovation. Eli finds public speaking a way of 'giving back'.

SpeakerMatch: speakermatch.com/profile/gttfp

Latest & Greatest #GTTFP

Engraving in 55 Malls

Regal Engraving is set to take luxury malls by storm. Engraving Luxury Instantly.
Learn more: www.regalengraving.com

One Bag Tag

Equipped with tech goodies including full SmartHome. Integration. One Bag Tag. Every Trip. Infinity.

Learn More: www.onebagtag.com

GeeFi is Everywhere

Delivery to Kickstarter backers is complete.

Unlimited Data. Everywhere.

Learn More: www.geefi.co


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